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Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2


Our Parent Communication form will remain open! If you have any questions or comments for the district administration, please send them using this form:

Our next FAQ will be posted on 10/15/21.



Q: Thank you for this platform! Will school be open following long breaks (Thanksgiving, etc.) or will students be asked to attend virtually that week due to potentially high volume of travel? Thank you!


A: Yes, school will be open to full-day in person instruction following breaks. A letter with information on quarantines due to travel will be going home this afternoon, in addition to a report on positive COVID cases in the district. Unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine following the CDC guidelines. More information about these travel restrictions can be found here.


Q: Can we receive our child’s assignments from school so that we could help them at home? 


A: If you would like to give your child extra help at home, please reach out to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor. They should be able to provide you with additional assignments and copies of their work to work on at home, if the need arises. 


Q: Have there been positive cases of Covid-19 in any of the schools this school year? Can the district possibly share that information with parents?


A: A letter to families with that information will be sent home later today. The district will be sending out “health updates” in upcoming weeks informing parents about cases that arise. Also, we are in the midst of creating a dedicated COVID-19 information page on our district website. That should be available shortly. 


Q: If new board members get elected, would they have the option of “demasking” our students? 


A: No. No board member holds the authority to override executive order #251, which requires all employees and students to wear masks at all times in our school buildings. This is a state law put forth by Governor Murphy that can not be overridden by those working for or elected to the Secaucus Board of Education.  


Q: Who should we contact with concerns when we know of a parent sending their children to school while people in the household are infected?


A: If you have information about students that have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact the office of the school the child is attending. If necessary, the principal will investigate the matter.


Q: I am worried about my child, especially if cases continue to rise. Is there a plan to shutdown schools if it gets worse than it is?


A: The only agencies with the authority to shut down schools (or make them remote) for any period of time is the county education department or an order from the state. We are not allowed to engage the district, or any schools in their entirety, in remote instruction without that permission. 


Q: Why is my child receiving a FREE lunch everyday?


A: The Secaucus School District participates in the “Seamless Summer Option”, which is a part of the National School Lunch and Breakfast program offered by the US Department of Agriculture. This school year, ALL students will receive a free, complete lunch (funded by this program in response to the hardships caused by the pandemic). In the near future, additional “a la carte” items that are not covered by this program will be available for purchase through the point of sale systems in each lunch area. 


Q: Why is my child limited to one slice of pizza for school lunch? Also, why aren’t you using local pizzerias to supply these orders?


A: We are happy to include multiple free hot options to our school menus as part of our “Seamless Summer Option” for lunch. Because of this, our lunch orders have more than doubled, and our food service provider is struggling to keep up with the demand. We were able to bring in Domino's pizza for students last Friday, September 24th, as our first hot lunch option. Other local pizzerias were not able to handle the volume of orders to feed all of the students in the district (over 500 pizza pies), even if they split the orders amongst them. This number of pizzas was enough to feed one slice to each student for lunch. District administration is continuing to meet to discuss our lunch options, along with necessary upgrades to our facilities to handle the storage and preparation of meals. In the future, we will continue to expand our selections and ensure that all of the students are content and continue to eat a complete, healthy lunch. 


Q: Now that the district participates in the “Seamless Summer Option” for lunch, should I still continue to fill out my Free/Reduced Lunch form if I’m eligible?


A: Yes! Aside from free meals, you may be eligible for other benefits and programs, such as free or reduced price Chromebook insurance, no cost AP exams, reduced cost SATs (and similar college entrance exams), etc. In addition, the state will base their Title 1 Grants on the number of Free/Reduced lunch applications the district receives during the year. More accepted applications means more money in our Title 1 grant. It is important to fill them out in order to maximize our Basics Skills and technology initiatives in our district!

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