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Insurance is Mandatory and Can Be Purchased by Debit/Credit Card or PayPal at:

Secaucus Public Schools requires that parents/ guardians pay a mandatory District insurance fee before the student receives a Chromebook for their use.  This insurance plan covers the Chromebook against:
        • Mechanical Failure
        • Accidental Damage including drops, cracked screens, liquid spills
        • Theft
        • Fire/Flood
        • Vandalism
        • Natural Disasters
        • Power Surge / Lightning

  • Deductibles are associated with a claim and will increase for recurring incidents.
  • Damages that result from abuse or neglect are not covered by the plan and are the responsibility of the student. The student is then liable for full repair costs up to the cost of full replacement of the device and its Google EDU device management license.
  • In the event of theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts, the student / parent / guardian ​MUST file a report with the local police department and submit a copy to the school. A stolen or lost Chromebook will then be fully disabled and tracked to aid the police in recovery and/or prosecution.
  • The fee for a lost Chromebook will be its full replacement cost. A replacement device will not be issued until documentation is complete and / or fees are paid in full.  
  • All students are responsible without exception for deductibles, fines, and repairs or replacements that are not covered under the policy.
  • All fees are payable online.

Insurance Fee 10 months (prorated to $20 for 2018-19)


First Incident Deductible


Second Incident Deductible


Subsequent Incident Deductible - Not to exceed the cost of replacement:



Repair Procedure and Repair Loaners

    1. A damaged or malfunctioning Chromebook must be returned with its charger and a completed Chromebook Claim Form to a the school office as soon as possible.
    2. If available, a loaner Chromebook may be issued to the student while their device is repaired. A student borrowing a Chromebook must sign a loaner agreement. Students will be responsible for caring for the loaner and are subject to charges for damages, theft, or loss.
    3. If repair is needed due to abuse or neglect, there will be a fee for needed repairs (see below), not to exceed the replacement cost of the Chromebook.
    4. The school may refuse to provide a loaner or reissue a Chromebook for repeated or intentional damages.
    5. ​Do not take any District­-owned Chromebook to an outside computer service for any repair.​ Repairs and management of devices can only be successfully handled by the District technology department.

Fees and Fines

    1. Any hardware/software repairs not due to misuse or intentional damage will be covered by the Insurance Plan; however, any intentional damage to the device will incur a cost.
    2. Fines will be imposed as the circumstances may warrant at the discretion of the District.
    3. After two incidents of accidental damage, the student may lose the privilege of taking the device home, and may also result in disciplinary action. The District may also require the student to buy additional insurance.
    4. Replacement and repair costs are listed below and subject to change. Notice will be given when replacement and/or repair costs change.

Acer Chromebook 11 C732T with Google EDU Management License


Display Screen




Power Adapter


Exterior Casing






Late Return Fee