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Frequently Asked Questions, Part 3


Q: I know that students are receiving free lunch in the district this year. Is breakfast also free to students/families?


A: Yes! A complete breakfast will be provided to any student that wants it free-of-charge for the 2021-2022 school year in our school district through the “Seamless Summer Option”.


Q: If we travel within the US and my child (unvaccinated) is tested negative after coming back, does she still need to be quarantined? 


A: Yes. More information on general quarantine and travel quarantine guidelines can be found in the letter sent by Dr. Riser on 10/01/21. Click here to access that information: 


Q: Can a student attend the school virtually when quarantined or will she be marked absent? 


A: Students that are quarantined are the only ones eligible for remote/virtual instruction during their quarantine periods. As long as they log on to participate in virtual classes, they are not considered absent. If they are quarantined and decide not to participate in virtual instruction, the days will count as sick days. 


Q: How many days can a student be out in the whole school year? 


A: Students are given notifications when they start accruing multiple absences in the same school year. After an excessive number of absences, a parent meeting with the principal to discuss attendance will be made. If attendance still does not improve, and a student misses more than 10% of the school year with unexcused absences, the child is in danger of retention in that grade. In addition, a large number of absences will be considered “truant” and will result in a court appearance (with possible fines and time spent in detention facilities, for the more severe cases.)


Q: How do students make the honor roll? Are 1st grade students eligible?


A: Honor roll for elementary students is reserved for only 4th and 5th grade students. Students in grades 4-5 will be named to the Honor Roll when meeting the following criteria:

  • They must receive an average of 90 (A-, A, A+) or higher in at least 3 of the 4 major subjects: ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science.
  • The fourth subject may have a grade no lower than 83% (B).
  •  A student receiving an average of 90 in either Math or ELA should not receive more than three (A) Approaching in the skill indicator sections of the subject.
  • For the first and second trimesters, the student must earn an (A) Approaching or (P) Proficient as an indicator in all skill areas under all subjects,
  • For the third trimester, the student must have earned all (P) Proficient indicators in all four major subjects.

*Student can not receive an (I) Improvement Needed for any of the indicators in subjects which include: Physical

Education, Spanish, Health, Art, Music


Q: When those who are asked to quarantine due to exposure are they asked to also get tested?


A: More often than not, students and staff that are asked to quarantine choose to get tested in order to return to school in 7 days, rather than not get tested and return to school in 10 days. Our district has taken the quarantine and testing recommendations from the CDC and the local departments of health when we developed our guidelines. 


Q: Why are mask not optional . You all-ready received funding and with numbers low , no reason this should remain as a non option . My child’s face is breaking out cause of this.


A: We are still obligated, by law and executive order 251, to have all staff, students, parents, administrators, and guests of our schools wear proper face coverings while inside the buildings. There have been no changes to that law since its adoption early in the summer. Again, failure to comply or enforce this mandate will result in excessive fines, and possible license suspension/revocation for administration. 


Q: Is it possible to add a Halal option to our lunches?


A: Your request will be sent to Maschio’s for consideration. In the meantime, each day the students will be offered a vegetarian option, in addition to the other options, during each lunch period. 


Q: As a parent, I am really scared with the increasing number of cases in our country, and the kids of 5-11 years are the most vulnerable age group. It would be beneficial for us to receive virtual instruction going forward.


A: As of May 2021, portions of Executive Order 175 allowing remote learning for NJ school districts have been rescinded, meaning that schools are required to provide full-day, in-person instruction, as they were prior to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Fortunately, the COVID cases in the state and country are decreasing, as of now. Through social distancing and proper mask wearing, we feel that we have not encountered any breakthrough cases of COVID as of yet. Therefore, we feel as though we have established a safe environment for our full-day students to learn. We currently are not eligible to participate in virtual instruction as a district, without permission from the state and without an emergency situation. At this time, there is no valid reason to transition to remote instruction at any level of schooling. 


Q: Can access to breakfast be made easier for the kids and teachers? Picking up a 1 week supply for example?


A: At this time, we can not offer the week-supply option for breakfasts due to our limited food storage space. Any child is eligible to get a free breakfast, through the “Seamless Summer Option”, each school day by asking their teachers. 


Q: Does the school classroom shut when some student tested positive?


A: As instructed by the health department, each positive COVID case will be subject to contact tracing. If school classrooms are socially distanced and students are properly wearing masks during the entire “exposure period”, a classroom may not be shut down. In that case, only students surrounding the positive case will be quarantined. However, each case is different and subject to extensive scrutiny through our contact tracing process. 


Q: What are the precautions that school applied to prevent the transmission of COVID 19 in school? When noticing students with COVID like symptoms (coughing, runny noses, vomiting), what are school policies?


A: When students exhibit any symptoms of COVID, teachers are instructed to send them to the nurse's office. Each nurse in the district is trained to know the signs and symptoms of various illnesses, including COVID-19. Students that exhibit symptoms are sent home immediately and asked to get a negative PCR test before returning. In the meantime, social distancing, the proper use of face coverings, frequent hand washing, and building sanitization/disinfection are all preventative measures we are taking to minimize the spread.


Q: How is social distancing being practiced in the schools. I see pictures on social media with kids working in groups, with partners, sharing materials, etc.


A: All students in school are required to be distanced 3 feet apart at a minimum in each classroom. They are also required to wear a mask when not eating or drinking (only during designated times and farther apart). If students are working in small groups, distancing in the classroom must be maintained whenever possible. When it's not possible, group time is limited and masks must remain on properly. All outdoor activities that do not post a great threat do not require the use of face masks. 


Q: It will be helpful to know if the Covid positive cases were in kids or Adults.


A: In order to respect the confidentiality of all involved, we are not reporting details of COVID cases that arise in the district. However, please know that if there is ANY threat of exposure to your children, we will contact you immediately and anyone in danger of contracting COVID from potential exposure will be quarantined. 


Q: What symptoms must the student be presenting that would require them to take a COVID-test? If the test is negative, under what circumstance is the student admitted back to school? (e.g. 24 hours fever free)


A: The symptoms that were stated in the health agreement that each parent acknowledged and signed in September (a copy of that form can be found here: If students are sent home by the school nurse for any of the symptoms of COVID-19, they may request a doctor’s clearance (which will include a COVID negative test) to return to school. 


Q: What type of COVID test is required? Locally, where can a parent go to access these tests?


A: Our district is requiring a PCR test for all unvaccinated staff on a weekly basis. We will request the same of our students who are presenting COVID symptoms. This testing is available at local pharmacies. More information about testing can be found here: 


Q: If students have chronic conditions, such as allergies, are they still required to submit to repeated COVID testing even with documentation of the condition?


A: No, a doctor’s note on file indicating seasonal (or other) allergies with the school nurse will prevent the student from getting sent out to get tested repeatedly for potential COVID-19 symptoms.


Q: While waiting for test results, or if required to quarantine, how does the student access virtual learning?


A: If a student is required to quarantine, the teacher(s) will reach out to the student with instructions/Google Meet links to access the class virtually. Please call the school office if your student is quarantined and hasn’t received any information on virtual instruction.


Q: Is virtual learning asynchronous or will students be able to join a google meet or receive video recordings of lessons?


A: Students in quarantine will participate in synchronous instruction. Parents may be required to pick up supporting materials from the school, but most students will be able to participate in instruction and interact with the teacher through Google Meet. 

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