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Health Services

The health services program is designed to appraise, protect and promote the optimum health of students and school staff. The following services are provided by qualified medical personnel.

Emergency Care - Emergency care for pupils who become ill or are injured at school is given promptly, including such measures as rest, external applications of heat or cold, temporary dressing and ordinary nursing measures directed toward the comfort and safety of the ill or injured individual

Requirements for New Students - Prior to attending school, a student’s complete medical history will be obtained by the school nurse. A full physical completed by your physician will be required by the first day of classes.

Immunizations - Certain immunizations are required by law for all students attending New Jersey schools. These include diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, rubella, mumps, chicken pox, polio, and hepatitis B vaccines. Varicella vaccine is required for all pre-school and kindergarten, unless physician documents varicella. Parents of students who require specific additional immunizations are notified on an individual basis. Exclusion of student will take place if immunizations are not up to date according to NJ law.

Tuberculin Testing - Testing for tuberculosis is done only on pupils in grades or schools notified as high risk by the State Department of Health. The Mantoux is given to all staff members, volunteer aides, and all new students as mandated by the state of NJ.

Administration of Medication - When necessary for the health of the child, the school nurse will administer medication as prescribed by the child’s physician. The request for this service must be submitted in writing. Special instruction for administration of the medication from the child’s physician must be included. All medication MUST be sent in its original container, including over the counter medication, and transported by a parent or guardian.

Communicable Diseases - Parents are requested to report all communicable or infectious diseases to the school nurse. This permits the school personnel to institute procedures to prevent the spread of such disease to others in our school population and to report the diseases to the local Department of Health for monitoring. Reportable diseases are: Chicken pox, German measles (rubella), measles, mumps, streptococcal infections, staphylococcal infections, influenza, hepatitis, mononucleosis, meningitis, encephalitis, venereal diseases, tuberculosis; also cases of pediculosis (head lice), ringworm, pinworms, and impetigo.

∙∙ Bedside Instruction ∙∙

Bedside instruction is provided to students during extended absences. Application for bedside instruction must state the reason for which such instruction is requested, the possible duration of the confinement, and be signed by the attending physician. (It will be provided only for absences expected to last ten school days or more).

Instruction will take place at the home or hospital where the student is confined. If instruction takes place at the home of the student, a supervising adult must be present. No home instructor will be asked to enter the home of an unsupervised child for the purpose of providing bedside instruction.