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Technical Support FAQs

  1. If the Chromebook is not damaged, 
    • Perform a hardware reset by holding down the refresh key, then tap the power button . Login. Has the problem been resolved?
Refresh / Power to Reset Chromebook
    • If this does not resolve the issue, remove the user profile. To do this, Sign out, then click the down arrow by the user's name and click Remove account.  Login. Has the problem been resolved?
      Remove a user profile from a Chromebook
  • If the above steps do not fix the problem or the Chromebook is damaged, take the Chromebook to the school office to request repair and get a Loaner.  
    • Students can submit the repair request by email to [email protected] or use the support portal kiosk in the school office.
    • Younger elementary students can also have their parents, teachers or office staff submit a repair request for them (see the FAQ below How can a parent/guardian get technical support for a student?)
  • IT will repair the Chromebook within 3 school days. The student will be notified by email when the repair is complete, and can collect their Chromebook from the school office. An invoice for any charges will be sent to the student and their parent/guardian.
  • If the repair is not completed by the end of the school day:
    • Return the Loaner to the office. Loaners only work in school buildings. They will not work anywhere else.
    • Get a Take-Home Chromebook to use until the Chromebook is repaired.
    • The Take-Home Chromebook must be returned when the repaired Chromebook is collected.
There is no charge for mechanical, battery or processor failure. Only if there is damage to the Chromebook or loss will the student be invoiced.
First Claim $20
Second Claim $40
Vandalized Keyboard $60
Lost Charger $25
Lost or Vandalized Chromebook $275
The fastest, most effective way to reach I.T. staff is through our support system.

 to contact I.T.
    • Your First Name

    • Your Last Name

    • Your Email address

    • School/Location of your student

  • Click Continue

  • Click the button that best describes the issue you are experiencing.

  • Provide a brief description of the issue.

  • If this is about a Chromebook, enter the asset tag number - it's a sticker on the bottom of the Chromebook. This helps us, but if you can't find it, you can skip this question.

  • Enter your student's 5 digit lunch code (this can be found on the parent portal).

  • Click on Submit Ticket button located in the bottom right corner of the web page.

  • One of the members of the I.T. Department will contact you via email.

Students are expected to come to school daily with their Chromebooks fully charged.
Students can sign out a Loaner Chromebook for the school day at their school office if 
  • they left your Chromebook at home.
  • their Chromebook is not charged.
  • their Chromebook is not working properly or is damaged.
SMS and SHS students that come to school without a Chromebook must surrender their phones for a Loaner.
The Loaner must be returned to the school office at the end of the day. It will not work outside of the school building. If the Loaner is damaged or lost, the student is liable for the cost of repair or replacement.

If a student repeatedly forgets to bring their Chromebook to school or fails to charge it, their parents / guardians will be contacted and they may be subject to disciplinary action.
Students should fully charge the Chromebook before the start of each school day.
  • Elementary and middle school classrooms may have spare chargers.
  • In the high school, students will have to get a Loaner Chromebook from the school office. (See above)
  • Be careful not to toss or drop the Chromebook even if it is stored in a backpack or bag.
  • Do not cover any vents on the Chromebook.
  • Insert and remove cords, cables, and removable storage devices carefully with the Chromebook.
  • Use the Chromebook and its charger away from water, direct heat, direct sunlight, food, drinks, small children and pets.
  • Do not write or draw on, etch, or apply stickers, decals or labels to the Chromebook.
  • Do not leave the Chromebook unattended.
  • Do not lift Chromebooks by the screen.
  • Always carry a Chromebook either supported by both hands underneath the bottom or with one hand under an edge with the lid closed.
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g., pens, pencils, notebooks).
  • Do not wedge the Chromebook into a book bag or place anything in the carrying case/protective cover that will compress the cover.
  • Do not poke or draw on the screen with any sharp object (pen, pencil, etc.)
  • Always transport the Chromebook in a bag or backpack that has a padded laptop compartment or insert. If the charger is kept in the bag or backpack, store it in a separate compartment.
  • Unplug the charger from the Chromebook before putting it in a bag, case or backpack.
  • Do not use an aftermarket or non district issued charger as this can result in device damage
  • Not at school.
  • At home, students can connect to a printer via WiFi or USB.
Several options exist for using the Chromebook away from schools,even for families who do not subscribe to wireless access. 
Comcast and Verizon provide low cost internet for qualifying families. See here for more information:
Please contact the school to let us know if you have no internet access at home.
District issued Chromebooks use a CIPA compliant web filter that works both on and off campus. Any student who is in class is monitored throughout the school day through a program that teachers have on their Chromebook. Therefore, any media that is not age-appropriate will be flagged and shut down in the classroom. If a student logs on to their Chromebook at home, we are not able to monitor their screens, but major websites are blocked. We are counting on parent/guardian monitoring at home to assist in keeping students' internet safe while we do the same while they are in school.
All Chromebooks come with an OEM or OEM equivalent Charger issued by the district. Using an aftermarket charger could result in device damage .If a motherboard is found to be damaged due to use of an aftermarket charger, you may be required to pay for a motherboard or full device replacement. If you require a replacement charger, the cost is $25, please fill out an IT request so we may provide a replacement. Returning a chromebook with an aftermarket charger may result in a replacement invoice as we cannot issue a device with a non OEM charger.