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Loss, Theft or Damage



  1. If possible, have student email [email protected] with description of issue. Otherwise use this link :  I.T. Support Portal or have the student bring their Chromebook to the school office.
  2. Depending on the issue reported, a loaner device may be issued for in school use while the original issued device is being repaired.
  3. If the device is damaged due to an accident, the student will be invoiced for the insurance deductible. If the damage is deemed to be deliberate or due to negligence, the student will be invoiced for the repair costs.
  4. If a motherboard is found to be damaged due to use of an aftermarket charger, you may be required to pay for a replacement motherboard or full device replacement.
  5. When the device is ready, the student will be emailed. The Chromebook can then be picked up at the school office.


  1. A police report must be filed and a copy submitted to the school within 2 school days of the theft.
  2. The stolen Chromebook will then be disabled and tracked to aid the police in recovery and/or prosecution.
  3. Once the copy of the police report has been received, a replacement device will be issued.
  1. The student should report the loss request to [email protected], or to the school office. 
  2. A loaner device will be provided.
  3. I.T. Support will attempt to locate the device.
  4. If the device cannot be located, it will be disabled, and the student will be invoiced for the cost of replacement.
Keys only come off Chromebook keyboards if they are deliberately pried off. This is not accidental damage.
Nonetheless, whenever possible, we re-seat keys or replace them with spares for free.
To re-seat or replace a key, the rubber bumper must still be on the underlying keyboard (see photograph). If the bumper is missing, the entire keyboard must be replaced.
 missing chromebook keys