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District Health Report, Quarantine Guidelines, and FAQs (Part 5)



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My Dear Secaucus Community,

As we approach the holiday season, I want to first wish all the families of Secaucus a Health and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Our district had three positive COVID-19 cases reported this week. This brings the district total to 23 cases since the beginning of the school year. As always, we have engaged in contact tracing and those exposed to the positive cases were quarantined. Please note that every positive case is reported to the health department and determinations on quarantines are also made as a team collaboratively with them. Our hope is to maintain a relatively low number of cases going into the new year. 

I have had a few questions about quarantining while traveling over the Thanksgiving break. We are upholding our quarantine guidelines that were sent out earlier this fall. A copy of those guidelines can be found here. 

We received a number of questions in our Parent Communication Form within the last few weeks. The updated “Frequently Asked Questions” can be found below. 

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Daniela Riser


Frequently Asked Questions, Part 5


Our Parent Communication Form is still open! If there are any questions you would like to ask the district administration, please visit this link to ask:


Q: My child is involved in a number of extracurricular activities both before and after school. I know there’s a late bus in every school. However, is there any way we would be able to get an “early bus” for before school activities?

A: At this time, we are doubling and tripling our bus routes because of a lack of bus drivers in the district. We are unable to accommodate an “early bus” at this time, unfortunately.

Q: I am hearing some rumors about bad things happening in some of the school buildings on social media. How can I find out if these rumors are true?

A: Please do not rely on information from social media or sources other than the individual schools or administration. As a community, we discourage the use of social media by parents to criticize and make unsubstantiated comments about the school or any members of our staff. We must encourage respect in all communication with others, especially on social media, in order to show our children that we are positive digital role models. If you have any questions about anything happening in your child’s school, please use the “Parent Questions/Comments” button on the website or contact the school’s main office. 

Q: Thank you for translating your correspondence into other languages! It makes it much easier for parents/guardians to communicate with the administration! 

A: You’re welcome! The translator button on the top of the webpage can be used at any time to translate any news article on the website. Click on the “G Select Language” button on the top of the page. 

Q: Are you going to hire teachers aides as they retire?

A: We are making our hiring decisions going forward based on student numbers in particular classrooms and IEP needs. If the need arises to hire Teacher Aides, as opposed to a classroom aide, we will go forward with hiring more.

Q: I am concerned that my child is not learning things that will make them successful in school after they graduate (financial guidance, writing skills, etc.). 

A: We as a school district integrate Personal Finance and writing instruction into many of our gradel level courses. We hired a dedicated Business teacher at the Middle School in the 2019-2020 school year. Therefore, all three grades in Middle School will be receiving a marking period of business instruction, highlighting general finance and balancing personal budgets. In addition, students are also required to take ½ year of Personal Financial Literacy at the high school level. In terms of writing, we have adopted the Teachers College Reading and Writing Program for all grades in K-8. We begin developing writing skills as early as Kindergarten and continue utilizing this intensive program to develop student writing skills throughout high school. 

Q: My children are very stressed out returning to school for full-day, full-week instruction. Is there anything you can do to manage that stress?

A: We have implemented many different programs at every building in our school district that can support your children’s mental health during this transition. Please call the main office or your child’s guidance counselor for more information on what is available. 



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