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Maschio's Food Service is Expanding its Lunch Options with "a la carte" items!

Beginning on March 7th, Maschio’s food service will expand its offerings to students with a new “a la carte” option using a cashless option with student pin numbers. At Huber Street and Clarendon Schools, students will be able to get an extra breakfast, lunch, or beverages using funds from their school lunch accounts. At the Middle and High School, students will also be able to get a number of “a la carte” items using the same cashless option.

Please note that the “Seamless Summer Option” free breakfast and lunch option is still in effect. Students will still be able to get a free, government-approved breakfast or lunch each day for the remainder of the school year (no substitutions for “a la carte” items that have recently been added to the menu).

If you are interested in allowing your students to participate in the “a la carte” option, please log on to the parent portal and credit your child’s account. This will be the only way for your child to get extra items. No cash will be accepted.

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