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District Health Report and FAQs, Part 13


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Good Afternoon Secaucus Families,


I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather today. I am happy to report that our district COVID-19 cases have remained low this week.

The number of positive cases in our district is as follows:

  • High School:  0
  • Middle School:  0 
  • Huber Street School: 0 
  • Clarendon School: 1 student 
  • Millridge School: 1 student


These 2 cases bring our district total to 375 positive COVID-19 cases for the school year. 

We will continue to notify anyone who has been “exposed” to these positive cases and quarantine according to our contact tracing plan. We will continue to ensure that our buildings are sanitized and disinfected properly, and encourage our students to employ proper handwashing and healthy practices to minimize the spread of all contagious diseases. 


The Parent Communication Form is still open and can be accessed here: There is also an easy-to-use button on the home page that you can click. Keep those questions and comments coming! Below, you will find the next FAQ (Part 13).


Thank you and enjoy the weekend!


Dr. Daniela Riser

Acting Superintendent



Frequently Asked Questions, Part 13


Our Parent Communication Form is still open! If there are any questions you would like to ask the district administration, please visit this link to ask:

Q: Is it possible for the Elementary schools to adopt the new uniform policy that the MS/HS just put into place. With substituting patriot gear and secaucus clubs/sports into the uniform?  I believe my younger children would benefit from this change as well.


A: The district administrators and elementary principals will take this into consideration and discuss this at the next administration meeting. It will then be brought to the Board of Education for a vote. 


Q: Why am I seeing these pictures of the school lunches not being up to par? There is spoiled milk, moldy applesauce, and skimpy cheese sandwiches that they are serving our students! I know it's free this year, but it’s not acceptable!


A:  Please know that our school lunches have been inspected thoroughly by our administration and some of our board members. The pictures that are depicted on facebook and other social media sites are NOT representative of what is being served in the schools on a daily basis. There are many different options for lunch that a student can select from and the “skimpy cheese sandwich” that was shown is not a typical lunch item (it was a request from a student). We have also been ensuring that there are no expired or moldy items that are being distributed. Those pictures depicted a very rare occurrence and the issues have been resolved by Maschios.


Q: Has our district used all of its emergency/snow days? If not, where will that day off fall in our calendar?


A:  The district has only used one emergency/snow day this year. Two were built into the calendar. We have one remaining emergency/snow day left, meaning we will be giving students and staff a “day off” sometime around the memorial day weekend, upon discussion and approval by the Board of Education. 


Q: Why can’t my child, who has a condition that prevents him from attending school, be eligible for virtual instruction? 


A:  As of the February 2022 board meeting, our Safe Return Plan only allows virtual instruction for students who test positive for COVID-19 and those students who are put on quarantine by the school. The travel quarantine guidelines in our school district have also been lifted, so students who travel outside of the state/country and are unvaccinated are no longer required to quarantine for a period of time. In order to return to school they are just required to submit a negative COVID-19 test. Also, since Governor Murphy rescinded the virtual instruction option in June 2021, we are not allowed to offer virtual instruction to students for anything not related to COVID-19 unless the entire district is shut down for 3 or more days due to an emergency.