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Acting Superintendent Report and FAQs - 11/04/2022


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Good Afternoon Secaucus Families,


I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to our week off.  

Over the course of the week off, there are two important events happening in town. The first event is on Tuesday, November 8th. We encourage all residents to VOTE on election day, where the town of Secaucus will elect three new members of the Board of Education for a three -year term. We wish all of our fine candidates luck and look forward to working with the victors starting at our reorganization meeting in January 2023. The other event is our Active Shooter Drill that will be held at Clarendon School on Wednesday, November 9th. The Secaucus Police Department will be hosting this important event, along with volunteers from the staff and community. We thank Chief Miller and all of the other Secaucus Police officers for actively enforcing our preparedness training in our school district. 

Here is the latest FAQ based on the “Parent Communication Form” questions that have been asked over the past two weeks, located just below this letter. The Parent Communication Form is still open for questions and can be accessed here: There is also an easy-to-use button on the home page that you can click that will lead you straight to the form. As always, we welcome all questions!

Take Care and Enjoy the Week Off!


Dr. Daniela Riser

Acting Superintendent



Frequently Asked Questions - 11/04/2022


Our Parent Communication Form is still open! If there are any questions you would like to ask the district administration, please visit this link to ask:


Q: We have received a disenrollment email for our child in Secaucus Middle school, even after submitting all the required documents for re-registration. What is the reason for disenrollment?.


A: If you believe you have received a disenrollment letter by mistake, please contact your child’s office or the board office for clarification. Sometimes, our student information system does not “link” siblings together regarding certain matters. This additional documentation may be that exception. 


Q: What is the School district's target for achievement (in a quantifiable and measurable way) for every school year? And more specifically what is it for this academic year 2022-2023? It would be very helpful if you could illustrate it with the example from the last academic year (target and result).


A: Our yearly achievement goals, as dictated by the State of NJ, will be published with the publication of our school performance reports in the Spring. As for our district goals, we will be working toward achieving them throughout the school year. Our next report on our District Goals will be at the November board meeting, later posted on the website under “Board Presentations”


Q: The bike rack in front of the Secaucus High School is often not enough space for students' bicycles and overflowing. Please consider purchasing another bike rack for students to use. Thank you.


A: This will be brought to the attention of the building principal and the Director of Buildings and Grounds. Thank you!


Q: How many students were deregistered because they did not meet the residency requirements?


A: As of today, we don’t have a solid number of students who will be disenrolled. However, we will highlight this process at the December board meeting, since there are multiple steps to this process that need to be completed before a definite number can be stated.