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Acting Superintendent Report and FAQs - 3/31/2023


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Good Afternoon Secaucus Families,

I hope everyone is doing well.

We are keeping busy in our schools, preparing for the testing season and enjoying our Spring activities. I urge you to join your school’s social media pages, as well as the district social media pages. To view most of our past district events, please visit our district Facebook site at: 

Our newest FAQ based on the “Parent Communication Form” questions that have been asked for the past two weeks is located just below this letter. If you have any additional questions to ask, or would just like to leave a comment for the administration, the form is located here: There is also an easy-to-use button on the home page that you can click that will lead you right to the form. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Best Regards, 


Dr. Daniela Riser

Acting Superintendent



Frequently Asked Questions - 3/31/2023


Our Parent Communication Form is still open! If there are any questions you would like to ask the district administration, please visit this link to ask:


Q: When does the school district plan to inform  parents the dates for standardized tests or any tests kids in all schools are taking? Other school districts have dates out when the Calendar comes out.


A: Our standardized testing dates have been on our Google calendars for the past few weeks. All of our NJSLA testing will be in May. You can access that calendar here: 


Q: Why is difficult to find things on school website and it seems not updated. What is school district planning to do to address that issue?


A: Specific issues regarding the school website can be sent to us via the Parent Communication form. It has been continuously updated during the past few weeks to resolve minor issues. However, if there are other issues, please let us know!


Q: Hello, I would like to know if the school lunch has changed?  My child tells me that on Fridays there is no more delivery of pizza that it's made in school? Also, for breakfast they receive a "cookie"? I am not sure what changed but it seems like the lunch got worse in the past few weeks. 


A: Information on the food service can be found here: This site will also have updated menus for each school building. There is also contact information for Maschio’s, our food provider, where you can ask questions about the lunches directly. 


Q: Thank you for giving the presentation about social media safety on March 27; it was eye-opening and incredibly shocking. Is there a way to make attending that presentation a mandatory requirement to all parents in the district? 


A:We will be willing to offer the presentation again. However, we can not force parents to attend or make it mandatory. 

Q: My children spend a lot of time on YouTube on their Chromebooks listening to music or watching videos that are non-educational or that I find age-inappropriate. They do this at home and during school hours. Teachers allow them to use YouTube on their Chromebooks during free time in class. Am I able to request the IT department to block YouTube from their school issued Chromebook? 


A: Any student who is in class is monitored throughout the school day through a program that teachers have on their Chromebook. Therefore, any media that is not age-appropriate will be flagged and shut down in the classroom. If a student logs on to their Chromebook at home, we are not able to monitor their screens, but major websites are blocked. We are counting on parent/guardian monitoring at home to assist in keeping students' internet safe while we do the same while they are in school.