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Clarendon School Second Graders Learn a Lesson in Character and Good Sportsmanship From Major League Pitcher Pat Light


Major league baseball pitcher Pat Light delighted Second Graders at Clarendon School this past week with a visit to their classroom. Mr. Light’s visit was coordinated to take place during the Week of Respect. Light read a motivational story to the second grade students and discussed the importance of good sportsmanship. A key topic that were highlighted throughout the presentation was how hard work and determination will allow a person to achieve any goal they set for themselves. After reading the story aloud to the class, Light fielded questions from his captivated audiences on a wide range of topics, ranging from how he would handle bullying to his biggest challenge on the baseball field. After his well-received presentation, Light joined his young charges on the school’s baseball field where he posed for a picture with the second graders, their teachers and aides, and administrators.
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Sisters Brianna and Hailey Hawxhurst Honored for the Donation of their Hair for Cancer Patients at the Board of Education's Showcase of Success

Sisters Brianna and Hailey Hawxhurst were honored at the Secaucus Board of Education’s Showcase of Success on September 21st, in honor of them donating their hair to cancer patients through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths charity program.

Both Preschooler Hailey and her big sister, Eighth Grader Brianna, donated 10 inches of their hair so that wigs might be able to be made from their hair for cancer patients. This is the second time that Brianna has made the donation of her hair.

While introducing the sisters, Interim Superintendent Kenneth Knops praised the young ladies for their altruism, compassion, and empathy. Brianna then came to the microphone and shared a heartfelt message, reinforcing her belief and commitment to the cause of donating her hair to cancer patients, as part of her desire to help those less fortunate. At the conclusion of her poignant remarks, all in attendance at the Board of Education Meeting gave her a rousing standing ovation.

Afterwards Hailey and Briana were presented with Certifications of Appreciation by Secaucus Board of Education President Jack McStowe.

Photograph: In the photograph above, Showcase of Success Honorees Hailey and Brianna Hawxhurst pose for a picture with their parents, Lieutenant Austin Hawxhurst and Mrs. Amy Hawxhurst; Board of Education President Jack McStowe, Secaucus Middle School Principal Rob Valente, and Clarendon School Principal Steve Viggiani after being honored at the Board of Education’s Showcase of Success.
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Former Secaucus High School Principal Patrick Impreveduto Provides Welcoming Address at Superintendent's Convocation

Longtime Secaucus School District Educator Patrick Impreveduto surprised faculty and staff assembled at the annual Superintendent's Convocation with a guest appearance as a speaker at the annual district-wide beginning of the school year staff gathering. When introducing Mr. Impreveduto, Interim Superintendent Kenneth Knops quoted Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants," Former High School English Teacher and Middle and High School Principal Impreveduto delivered an eloquent address, at which time he praised the district staff and reminded them of the crucial role they play as not only teachers, but as role models and guiding lights in the lives of their students. At the conclusion of his motivational address all district employees attending the Convocation in the Performing Arts Center gave Mr. Impreveduto a standing ovation. In the photograph above, Mr. Impreveduto poses for a picture with the entire administrative team at the conclusion of his uplifting address.
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Secaucus School District Hosts Four-Day Orientation Program For Newly Hired Teachers and Administrators

Since the conclusion of the previous school year this past June, a total of 18 new staff members have been hired by the Secaucus School District to fill a number of positions within the the school system. As a means of acclimating, orientating, and inducting the new teachers into the Secaucus Schools, the district’s Administrative Team planned, organized, and facilitated a four-day comprehensive workshop this past week; focusing on a number of timely and relevant issues for the novice teachers and newly-hired staff members. In the photograph above, the newly-hired teachers and staff pose for a group picture while being provided a tour of the school district.
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Secaucus School District Brings Elementary STEM Training to Teachers From Across the State

On Thursday, August 24th, the Secaucus School District hosted a professional development workshop focused on infusing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) instruction into the elementary classroom. The program was organized by the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL), a non-profit organization devoted to bringing high-quality science and mathematics instruction to school districts worldwide. Teachers from across the state participated in sampling various STEM activities with their colleagues during the interactive workshop. A majority of the instructors who attended were elementary teachers, science specialists, and special education teachers from the Secaucus School District. Breakfast and lunch was provided by NJCTL and the event was free of charge for the faculty involved.
This year, Secaucus plans to infuse more STEM-centered topics and activities into elementary instruction, specifically into their science classes. “We have had a long-standing partnership with NJCTL for a number of years now and value their assistance in providing our science and mathematics departments with excellent instructional resources”, said Dr. Daniela Riser, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “This year, we’re look forward to working with them throughout the school year to incorporate more STEM topics into the elementary curricula. We thank them for bringing this workshop to us and had a great experience today.”

In the photograph, Secaucus elementary faculty are all smiles during the workshop. Pictured standing from left to right are Sharon Holsten, Alexis Leppin, Cindy Viera, Orietta Tringali, Kim Woeckener, and Melissa Lopena. Seated from left to right are Ricci DiGerolimo and Kerry Pruden.
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New Standards-Based Report Cards Presented at August 24th Board of Education Meeting

During the early part of July, a committee comprised of two Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Teachers; one each from Clarendon and Huber Street Schools, worked in conjunction with the Elementary Principals and Supervisor to create a brand new Standards-Based Report Card that will be implemented during the upcoming school year for Grades K-2. Teachers Faith Ann Rennie, Manal Abuhouran, Laurie Valente, Dawn Leon, Jessica Hensle, and Cindy Viera created a new-look Standards-Based Report Card for each grade level.

At the Board of Education Meeting of Thursday, 24 August, the newly-created Standards-Based Report Cards were presented to the Board in public session by Clarendon School Principal Steve Viggiani, Huber Street School Principal Linda Wilhelm, and Director of Curriculum Dr. Daniela Riser. The presentation was well received by the Board of Education and all in attendance.
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Please Join Us For A Coffee with the Elementary School Principals and Elementary Supervisor to Discuss "What is a Standards-Based Report Card and how will it Assess my Child's Academic Performance?"

With the adoption of a brand new Standards-Based Report Cards in Grades K-2 for the upcoming school year, the elementary principals and supervisors will be hosting a coffee to discuss this new report card. The topic of the Coffee is "What is a Standards-Based Report Card and how will it Assess my Child's Academic Performance?" It will be held on Tuesday, 29 August at 9:00 in the morning with a second coffee scheduled for that evening at 7:00. Kindly RSVP your attendance to Mrs. Ann Marie Grecco at or (201) 974-2000, Extension 2115.
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Secaucus School Educators Receive Five Day Orton-Gillingham Training At the Conclusion of the School Year

This past week a total of 31 Secaucus School teachers and staff members, most of whom work with primary aged students, received five full days of Orton-Gillingham training onsite in District. An Orton-Gillingham education specialist from the Institute of Multisensory, Laura Sabido, joined the teachers at Huber Street School to model multisensory lessons using various materials from the Orton-Gillingham program. In the photograph above District staff who gained certification in Orton-Gillingham, pose with their trainer, Mrs. Sabido, at the conclusion of the five day training.
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Board of Education Honors Secaucus Elementary Schools Hudson County Academic Bowl Second Place Finishers

At the Secaucus Board of Education’s Showcase of Success on June 15th, the Board honored members of the Elementary Schools Hudson County Academic Bowl Second Place Finishers. The members of the Hudson County Academic Bowl Team were Jake Salvatore, Gabriela Romanelli, and Leoul Melis from Clarendon School; and Andrew Kashian, Matthew Kashiam, and Mykailla Harper from Huber Street School. The Secaucus students represented the only fifth graders in the competition, as the teams of the competing schools were all sixth graders. In the photograph above, members of the Secaucus Elementary Schools Hudson County Academic Bowl Team pose for a group picture after being honored at the Board of Education’s Showcase of Success. Pictured from left to right are Clarendon School Principal Steve Viggiani, Leoul Melis, Gabriela Romanelli, Andrew Kashian, Jake Salvatore, Matthew Kashian, Huber Street School Principal Linda Wilhelm, Mykailla Harper, and Board of Education President Jack McStowe.
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