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Dr. Phil Nicastro of Strauss-Esmay Presents to District Staff

As part of the District-wide In-Service Day of January 16th, all members of the staff attended a workshop focusing on new policies, case law, and updated developments in school law. The presenter of the workshop was Dr. Phil Nicastro of Strauss-Esmay, owner of the company that provides policy updates to over 480 of the school districts in New Jersey. The workshop was highly informational and well received by all in attendance. Posing for a group picture after the workshop presentation are Security Coordinator Michael Makarski, Middle School Principal Rob Valente, Clarendon School Principal Steve Viggiani, Interim Superintendent Kenneth Knops, Dr. Phil Nicastro of Strauss-Esmay, Huber Street School Principal Linda Wilhelm, High School Principal Dr. Bob Berckes, and Director of Curriculum Dr. Hope Blecher.
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NJEA Leadership Team Visits and Tours Secaucus High School

Two members of the state-wide New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) leadership team visited Secaucus High School this past week. The visitors, NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan and NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller, toured the high school, visited classrooms, dined with teachers, and met with administrators and staff during a three hour visit. Also coming to visit was Bob Blistan, retired teacher and husband of Marie; and Tom DeSocio, the NJEA Field Representative. Throughout the morning visit the NJEA visitors complimented all aspects of the school including the new construction project, the quality of instruction in the classroom, and the impressive performance of the high school students engaged in their classroom learning activities.

The visit was arranged through the efforts of High School Physics Teacher Peter Newman, who as a sophomore in high school had Sean Spiller as his Science Teacher. Mr. Newman invited the NJEA Leadership team to Secaucus High School where Mr. Spiller had the opportunity to watch his former student teach.

In the photograph above, Secaucus High School Principal Dr. Bob Berckes, Physics Teacher Mr. Peter Newman, NJEA Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller, NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan, NJEA Field Representative Tom DeSocio, and Interim Superintendent Kenneth Knops pose for a picture while touring the high school.
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Board Meeting Dates

At the Board of Education Reorganization Meeting on Wednesday, January 4th the board adopted meeting dates for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years.
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Board of Education Trustees Sharon Dellafave, Kathy O'Connell, and Jack McStowe Sworn in at Board of Education Reorganization Meeting

At the Board of Education Reorganization Meeting of January 4th, newly elected Board Trustee Sharon Dellafave and re-elected Trustees Kathy O'Connell and Jack McStowe were sworn in to their positions on the Board of Education by Business Administrator Grace Yeo. In the photograph above, the three Board Trustees pose for a photograph with Business Administrator Grace Yeo prior to being sworn in
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