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What to do if....

You want to confer with a teacher: Call your child’s school to arrange a conference.

Your child is having a problem in school: Call his or her teacher or guidance counselor for help. If the problem is not resolved, call the building principal.

Your child becomes ill at school: A student who becomes ill during school hours is taken to the nurse’s office. If it becomes necessary to send your child home because of illness, you will be notified and requested to provide transportation. Please make sure that the school has the correct home address and telephone number, work numbers of parents, and names and telephone numbers of emergency contact persons.

You want homework assignments: At the elementary schools, you may get this information by calling the school and leaving a message for the teacher. At the middle school and high school, please call the guidance counselor who will secure the information.

Your child is absent: Please call the appropriate school between 8:00 and 8:30am each day of your child’s absence. SHS 974-2031 and 974-2032 SMS 974-2022 and 974-2023 Clarendon 974-2010 Huber Street 974-2054

You want a message delivered: Only emergency messages may be delivered to students. In case of emergency, give the message to the building principal or secretary and it will be transmitted to the student.

A lunch is left home: Deliver it to the school office. Students who leave lunches at home are responsible for coming to the office to claim them.

Your child loses something on a school bus: Call the school office and report the loss. The article will be traced from this point and you will be notified if it is found.

You change your address or telephone number: Please advise the school office immediately.

You plan to move: Please give the school office the information needed to prepare a transfer card for you to take to your child’s new school. Upon official request, all school records will be mailed directly to your new school district.