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Appointment of Jennifer Montesano Superintendent

On December 22, 2016, at a Special Board of Education Meeting, the Board approved Leadership Advantage, a professional consulting service to conduct the search for a Superintendent. The consulting firm began an extensive process in January 2017, meeting with Principals, Directors, Supervisors, Central Office Staff, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Parent Teachers Associations, as well as representatives from the Teachers Union and Board Trustees. Input from the community was solicited through an open forum as well as an online survey to assist in developing the essential criteria needed in selecting a Superintendent for our District. The consulting firm then analyzed all the data and presented to the Board a profile of the qualities the community was looking for in our Superintendent. Leadership Advantage received a total of 27 resumes that were presented and reviewed in detail by the Board. The Board then began the interviewing process, and on July 20, 2017 the Board appointed Ms. Jennifer Montesano as our new Superintendent. Ms. Montesano officially began her employment in District on November 1, 2017 after fulfilling her contractual obligation to the Haworth School District as Superintendent.

Ms. Montesano began her career in education 17 years ago. For the past 17 years, Ms. Montesano has been an educational leader teaching middle school students, coaching high school varsity athletes and as well as providing administrative leadership as a Middle School Vice-Principal, Middle School Principal, Elementary Principal and District Superintendent. Throughout the interview process, Ms. Montesano has demonstrated to the highest level, all the qualities and qualifications that the District was looking for in a Superintendent.

On behalf of the Secaucus School District, please join me in welcoming Jennifer Montesano to the District as our Superintendent.
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Secaucus High School Hosts Third Annual Day of Respect, Remembrance, and Reflection

Secaucus High School held their Third Annual Day of Respect, Remembrance, and Reflection on Friday, October 20th. On this day speakers who have experienced personal tragedy and those who have lived through catastrophic events of the 20th and 21st Century, yet have resolved to make the world a better place address our students.
A number of presenters experienced the horrors of the Holocaust and shared their stories with the impressionable high school students. Alan Moskin, a member of General Patton’s Army, described his experiences as his company liberated the Gunskirchen Concentration Camp; Dr. Norbert Bikales shared his story of being expelled from school for being Jewish and leaving Germany as a 9 year-old through Kindertransport, although his parents were sadly murdered in a concentration camp. His wife, Gerda Bikales, shared her ordeal of witnessing the terror of Kristallnacht in 1938 and fleeing Germany with her Mother through Belgium, France, and Switzerland to escape the Nazi Regime. Ray Fishler spoke of being held in the concentration camp Krakow-Plasrow, the setting for the movie, “Schindler’s List.” Out of eight family members, he was sadly the only one left after the war. Rosa Sirota shared her harrowing ordeal of hiding out under assumed names with Ukrainian peasants as a Hidden Child of the Holocaust, and Maren Friedman, one of the few surviving Jews in Germany during the holocaust, spoke of the hardships she faced as a child of mixed heritage, with a German Father and a Jewish Mother.
In the photograph above, guest presenters Gerda Bikales, Dr. Norbert Bikales, Alan Moskin, Ray Fischler, Maren Friedman, and Rosa Sirota pose for a picture prior to their presentations with Board of Education Members Jack McStowe, Kathy O’Connell, Ruby Pantoliano, and Sharon Dellafave.
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Mother Jane Clementi Shares Tyler's Story with Secaucus High School Students on Day of Respect

Mrs. Jane Clementi, a native of New Jersey and devoted Mother of three sons, addressed the entire student body at Secaucus High School on the Third Annual Day of Respect, Remembrance, and Reflection. Jane’s mission is to make sure that our society learns the consequences of discrimination and bullying, as she learned all too personally through the loss of her son.

During her 55 minute presentation, Mrs. Clementi shared Tyler’s story, a recollection of a child surrounded with unconditional love that ultimately ended on a tragic and unnecessary note and ended in heartbreak. As a freshman at Rutgers University in the Fall of 2010, Tyler became the victim of cyber harassment at the hands of his roommate as a result of his LGBT orientation. Sadly, several days later Tyler Clementi ended his life by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. He was 18 years old.

Mrs. Clementi extolled the high school students to become upstanders when witnessing bullying behavior. The first step toward ending bullying is to make a personal commitment to stop it, report it, and reach out to the victim with support.

In the photograph above, Secaucus High School students Jordan Raia, Sally Rizzo and Lizbeth Perez pose for a picture with Jane Clementi at the conclusion of her well received school-wide presentation in the Performing Arts Center.
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