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Insurance FAQs

If you have reviewed the instructions in Registration and Insurance, here is a summary.
We are introducing a new registration and payment system this year to simplify the process.
  • Our new system links parents/guardians with all their children’s Device insurance fees and deductible invoices. There are no more forms to fill in, and all charges can be added to one basket for payment.
  • The system requires the user name to be the email address of the primary contact provided to the school. This is most often the mother. If you are unsure, log in to the Parent Portal / click Contact on the left-hand menu. The email you need is the first listed contact email address.
  • To set up your account, you need to set a Password. Click the Create Password button.
  • Follow the instructions to set the password. For security, you will need access to the primary contact’s email to complete the process.
  • After logging in, all your children are listed. Click on the first child's name to first add their insurance fee and then any deductible/replacement fees to your cart. Then click on Your Family (top left) to repeat the process for each of the remaining children before you checkout with your debit or credit card.
  • The insurance fee for each child is $50 for the year and is adjusted if your child is NJ Direct Certified for financial aid. Regardless of the insurance fee, you must check out to register for a Device.
  • Instead of using the payment system, you may opt to register and pay cash when you pick up the Device.

  • It minimizes your cost for maintenance, damage repair, and replacement in event of device failure, destruction or theft
  • Provides students with technical support for the device
The annual premium is $50.
  • Mechanical/Functional failure of  any component
  • Accidental Damage including cracked screens or cases, liquid spills
  • Theft
  • Fire/Flood
  • Natural Disasters
  • Power Surges
  • Devices that have been lost, or that stolen but not reported to the police
  • Devices that have been tampered with 
  • Vandalism by a student, a friends or family member
  • Keyboards damaged by plucking off the keys. (Keyboard keys do not come loose through appropriate use)
  • Cases or screens that have been defaced, inside or outside, whether by scratching, marker, pen, paint or adhesive
  • Lost or damaged chargers or cables
  • There is no reduction in the insurance for students receiving free or reduced lunch unless the student is Direct Certified for financial aid by the state of New Jersey. This means they are enrolled in NJ-SNAP, TANF or FOSTER programs. 
  • If a premium is paid for a student and they are subsequently Direct Certified, the premium will be fully reimbursed.
  • If the student will be in Grades 3 -12 in September, student can keep their Chromebook for school work, the Chromebook will be disabled when summer school is finished
  • Once the student has registered and paid the insurance for the new school year, please bring the Chromebook to a pickup day for a device exchange
Insurance is Mandatory 
Secaucus Public Schools requires that parents/ guardians pay a mandatory District insurance fee before the student receives a Chromebook for their use. Ipad's may also be issued. This insurance plan covers the Device against:
        • Mechanical Failure
        • Accidental Damage including drops, cracked screens, liquid spills
        • Theft
        • Fire/Flood
        • Vandalism
        • Natural Disasters
        • Power Surge / Lightning

  • Deductibles are associated with a claim and will increase for recurring incidents.
  • Damages that result from abuse (including picking keys from keyboards) or neglect are not covered by the plan and are the responsibility of the student. The student is then liable for full repair costs up to the cost of full replacement of the device and its Google EDU device management license.
  • In the event of theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts, the student / parent / guardian ​MUST file a report with the local police department and submit a copy to the school. A stolen or lost Device will then be fully disabled and tracked to aid the police in recovery and/or prosecution.
  • The fee for a lost Device will be its full replacement cost. A replacement device will not be issued until documentation is complete and / or fees are paid in full.
  • All students are responsible without exception for deductibles, fines, and repairs or replacements that are not covered under the policy.
  • All fees are payable online.

Insurance Fee (10 month coverage)


First Incident Deductible (Chromebook)


Second Incident Deductible (Chromebook)


1st Incident Deducible iPad


2nd Incident Deductible (Ipad)


Subsequent Incident (see below)

Cost of Repair

Lost or Vandalized (Chromebook or iPad) $400
Motherboard  $225
Damaged Screen Vandalized or after 2nd incident
Battery Damage (Result of use of third party charger) $75
Defaced / Vandalized Case (Chromebook only) $50
Vandalized keyboard, keyboard module or trackpad
(Chromebook only)
Lost or Damaged Charger $25
Late Return Fine $20